Wi-Fi in Cork Airport

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Wi-Fi in Cork Airport

This is a free service at the terminal building, the Wi-Fi covers the full range of the terminal building. Internet services are so important nowadays and part of everybody’s daily life. while traveling Wi-Fi is very useful for keeping in contact with friends and family.

If you are holidaying in Ireland, see this cool app from Met Eireann, Met Eireann is the Irish body that looks after the Irish weather forecast.

It is very handy for checking online information, social media, or emails.

To log into the free web service simply scan for available networks and select “Cork Airport Wi-Fi”. Once connected you will have a full internet connection.

If you need information on banking or currency exchange, see our banking page.

Internet Kiosks

There are internet kiosks available to use next to the escalator landside just before passenger screening. These kiosks have full web services.

Printing Services

There are printing kiosks available in the terminal building, these printing desks have printing services. If you any further information please contact +353 (0)21 4313131 or email info@corkairport.com

We hope you find the website information useful, we welcome any queries or comments by email at corkairportguide@gmail.com.

FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Free Wi-fi at Cork Airport??

Answer – Yes there is free wi-fi throughout the terminal building at Cork Airport, just select Cork Airport Wi-fi on your device and you will be connected then.

  Is there a printing service at Cork Airport?

Answer – Yes, there are printing kiosk stations in the terminal building, you can print out what you need.

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