Restaurants in Cork Airport

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Restaurants in Cork Airport

There are a number of great restaurants at Cork Airport. There are five options for food, two of which are before passenger screening and three are after you go through passenger screening. The great restaurants in Cork Airport offer a great choice of food, from breakfast to lunch and dinner, you will be assured to get a good meal there.

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Foot Outlets – Before Screening

Blue Bird Coffee Roasters

This is located in the check-in area. This cafe offers a lovely range of foods. The cafe offers breakfast, coffee and sandwiches. This cool little spot roast there own coffee beans. There are also nice salads and tasty rice bowls available. The coffee is top class in Blue Bird Coffee Roasters.

Kinsale Cafe

This Kinsale cafe is located at the arrivals entrance. They supply a broad range of good foods from coffee to savoury meals. There are soups and potato crisps available also. You can also pick up a beer or spirits. This is the perfect spot for food after you come to your flight and need a good meal.

Food Outlets – After Screening

AMT Coffee

AMT Coffee supplies a large range of great foods. They have gourmet coffee on offer and fabulous pastries, and great snacks. They also offer delicious sandwiches, soups and toasted sandwiches. If you like organic products, AMT coffee has organic cow’s milk and muffins.

Food Republic

Cork is well known for good food and the food is top-class. They offer a range of seasonal menus and local produce. They have a lovely range of tasty salads and wraps. They have a range of refreshments also.

Craft Lane Restaurant & Bar

Craft Lane is one of the great restaurants in Cork Airport has a great menu, full of fresh ingredients. They also have a range of craft beers and whiskies. They also offer a large range of wines and cocktails. You can have a great steak, and breakfast is also available. They have a good lunch and dinner menu also.


The toilets are in the terminal building. There are also wheelchair-accessible toilets also. The toilet is maintained in a clean and tidy manner, there are also toilets for people with inflammatory bowel disease and Colitis and also Crohn’s disease.

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FAO – Frequently Asked Questions
Can you get traditional Irish meals at Cork Airport? 

Answer – Yes there is a range of traditional meals available from Irish breakfast to roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables or bacon and cabbage.

Can you get organic food at Cork Airport?

Answer – Yes, ATM coffee has some organic products and dishes.

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