Landing At Cork Airport

Landing at Cork Airport

Landing at Cork Airport you will land on the runway and exit the aircraft on the tarmac and be shown into the arrivals area. The airport operates just one terminal building.

You then will arrive into the baggage area with flight details shown overhead indicating which flight the bags belong to. The baggage will come out in a speedy manner. Then you will proceed to the Customs checkpoint. These checkpoints are important to make sure all regulations are agreed to. If you have something to declare you can do quite easily. There is a three colour system working to help passengers.

The blue line is for passengers from another European country with nothing to declare to customs. The green line is for passengers from non-European countries with nothing to declare to customs. The red line is for passengers with items to declare to customs.

If you information on Restaurants in the terminal building, please see our Restaurants page.

You will need to show your passport at passport control system. Ireland is a member of the EU and European passengers are only required to show a valid ID at passport control. Ireland has a special agreement of the common travel area with the UK, passengers from the UK, Wales Scotland are only required to show valid ID. We have provided this link for your assistance with information of Irish Customs.

Please contact Cork airport on +353(0)21 4313131 or email address –

If you lost bag or item onboard a plane, please contact the lost or missing bags section in Aerlingus on +353(0)21 4327123 or Swissport ground handing for all other airlines +353(0)21 4329693 or the main desk on +353(0)21 431 3131

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