Flying Out Of Cork Airport

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Flying Out of Cork Airport

Checking In

When flying out of Cork Airport, you will enter the terminal building and the check-in desks. The check-in desks are on the ground floor of the terminal building, you will them on the left-hand side when you enter the terminal building. Make sure to check with your airline about times, you will need to be at the airport 1.5 hours or 2 hours before your flight time. It can take 30 to 45 minutes to drop back a rental car, so make sure to allow for that. Each airline has different protocols so make sure to check with your airline directly. See our airline page for further information. Please be patient with the airline staff as they can be very busy at certain periods.

Please see our lists below for prohibited items

If you need to contact your airline please see our link here to our Airlines
with all contact details.


Your bags are vital while travelling. When flying out of Cork Airport we have some tips for you.

Here are some tips to help with your luggage

  • Check with the airline about max baggage weight and size.
  • Always pack your own luggage
  • Read and check all prohibited lists of items.
  • Do not overpack items.
  • Make sure to tag your bags with relevant info.
  • Secure your bag with luggage straps.
  • Place a padlock on your bag.
  • Include contact details like postcode, and email address.
  • Check with all the security regulations.
  • If a bag is lost contact, report this asap.

If you need help with stolen or lost bags please contact Cork Airport at +353(0)21 431 3131 or

Prohibited Items

  • Liquids over 100mls
  • Gels over 100mls
  • Knifes
  • Hurleys
  • Bats
  • Sharp objects
  • Different types of tools
  • Needles
  • Fake guns
  • Nail files
  • Pool cues
  • Snooker cues

Certain liquids and gels are not allowed onboard the planes, please check with your airline for a full list of all prohibited liquids and gels or check this list online.


Security is of vital importance at Cork Airport and the airport police oversee security protocol and security issues of concern.

When flying out of Cork Airport we have some tips to help you travel through security in a timely and effective manner

  • Bring just one piece of hand luggage
  • Remove all metal objects like coins and jewellery before x-ray machines
  • Remove laptop computers from bags
  • Remove your coat and place it in the tray provided
  • Remove any sharp objects and place them in the tray
  • Remove any liquid or gels from your bags
  • Medication and baby foods must be presented separately

If you are flying out of Cork Airport and you need help please contact the airport at +353(0) 21 4313131 or email address

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FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

Are liquids still banned from Cork Airport?? 

Answer –  People that are travelling through the security points don’t have to worry about liquids any longer. the airport has a new security checker that makes life a lot easier.

How long do you need to arrive at Cork Airport before your flight takes off?

Answer – It would be a good idea to arrive around 2.5 hours before your flight, you should allow enough time for everything, especially in the peak periods of the year.

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