Car Rental Cork Airport

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Car Rental Cork Airport

When you arrive off a flight at Cork Airport, and come through the arrivals area, you will see the car rental desks in the arrivals hall. The desks will be clearly marked with company logos and branding. The staff will help you with any requirements you have. Make sure to request any special items that you may need to assist you in driving.

Arriving in the Cork airport arrivals area coming off a flight, the car rental desks will be in front of you. The desks are clearly marked with company logos. The desks are directly in front of the arrivals doors that open to allow passengers to walk into the arrivals hall. Most of the modern vehicles have great safety, and security features, Sat Nav is also a good idea to find your way around.

The car rental staff will direct you will instructions for picking up your car and getting behind the wheel. If visiting Ireland for the first time, it’s a good idea to take a break before you leave on your journey, give a coffee and make sure you are in a good state to drive. Make sure to be aware of the vehicle controls, and other road users. Take your time and relax, but be aware.

See this useful link with information about driving in Ireland.

Please see these tips to help you

  • You must have your in-date driving license.
  • You will need documents and all the booking info.
  • You will a credit card as means of payment.

If you need information or travel times please see our departing Cork Airport by road page.

Car Rental Companies Cork Airport


T – +353(0)21 432 7460

Website –


T – +353(0)21431 4000

Website –


T – +353(0)21 483 8973

Website –



T – +353(0)21 240 0100

Website –


T – +353(0)1 2352030

Website –


T – +353(0)21 496 5849

Website –

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FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

Which car rental company is the best in Ireland? 

Answer –  The best overall car rental company was Enterprise. and the best car rental company for customer satisfaction was Hertz in 2021.


Is it worth it to rent a car in Ireland?

Answer Yes it is worth it, you can drive all over Ireland, and see some amazing scenery and sites. Having a rented vehicle gives you lots of options and plenty of freedom.

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