Car Parking Cork Airport

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Car Parking Cork Airport

There are a few options when parking at the cork airport has great parking facilities, and the postcode is T12P5NF. If you need other postcodes see this link.

There are a number of choices you have when you are parking at Cork Airport and depending on how long you are staying. It is a set that doesn’t area in front of the terminal building for quick drop off’s, these are free to use. The set down the lane is designed for dropping off passengers and luggage and up to 15 minutes are free of charge.

There are three car parks in total offering 4,300 car spaces while parking at Cork Airport. The short-term parking area is designed for short stays of up to 24 hours. The holiday blue and express red long-stay car parks are designed for a longer stay, and offer better value for money.

If you need information on car rental see our car rental page for lots of useful info.

Cork Airport Parking Short Stay

This is a great option for parking at Cork Airport for a short stay, the parking area is located next to the terminal building, a ticket system is in operation at the car park, and the first 15 minutes are free. This area is open 24 hours per day.

Price List

First 15 minutes Free
1 Hour 2.50
2 Hours 5.00
3 Hours 7.50
4 Hours 10.00
6 Hours 12.50
12 Hours 15.00
24 Hours 17.50
€17.50 every 24 hours after that

Cork Airport Parking Long Stay

Express RED Long Stay

This area is situated within walking distance from the terminal building, It is close to the long-term zone of the terminal building. This area is perfect for stays over 24 hours. The prices are based on days stayed (24 hours). Make sure to keep your ticket safe.

Please contact +353(0)21 432 9633 or email for further information.

Prices for Express RED Long Stay

10.50 per day

Max Weekly Rate 48.00

Holiday Blue Car Park

This area offers the best rates of all three options at Cork Airport, and it is perfect for longer holidays. There is a free shuttle bus service operating to the terminal building. The car park is open 24 hours per day.

Please contact +353(0)21 432 9633 or email for further information.

Prices for Blue Car Park

9.50 per day

Max weekly rate 44.00

Wheelchair Accessible Car Parking

There are a number of wheelchair-accessible car spaces in the short-term car park, on the ground floor. There is a covered walkway connecting the parking zone to the terminal building. There is no online booking system for booking car spaces. Take a ticket when entering the barrier and keep it safe. When returning to collect your car simply put the ticket into the ticket machine and pay the parking fees. The rate charges are the same as the long-term rates.

Please contact +353(0)21 4329633 or email for further information

Lost Car Park Tickets

If you need help with a lost ticket, please contact the car parks department at +353 (0)21 432 9633 or email

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FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you contact if you lost your parking ticket at Cork Airport??

Answer – If you have lost your ticket you need to contact the car parks department. The email address is or call them on +353 (0) 21 432 9633

  How much are the prices for the Express RED Long Stay car park?

Answer – The price per day for the RED long-stay car park is 10.50 per day.

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